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Local News: Elsburg SAPS temporarily closed for decontamination

All communities serviced by Elsburg police station are advised that the police station has been temporarily closed for decontamination.

The Community Service Center is moved to the  premises at the back of the statio.( Behind parking area)

The community is advised to call 10111 for all complaints and emergencies that needs to be attended by Elsburg police station.

The telephone lines at Elsburg police station Community Service Centre will not be accessible for the duration of the closure.

The building will be undergoing decontamination and the community will be informed when the station will be operational again.

The SAPS management apologise for any inconvenience that may arise from the closure of Elsburg Saps

The following officers may be contacted on their cellphones if the need arises.

The Station Commander:

Col Thethe

082 822 8083

Vispol Head

Lt Col Opperman 082 461 2517

Relief Commander:

071 675 6894

Branch Commander:

Lt Col Manyoni

082 822 8023

Support Head:

Lt Col Mthiyane

082 525 5528

News: STA Travel closes its doors in South Africa

STA Travel, a popular travel business among South Africans, has closed its almost twenty stores in South Africa, Business Insider reported.

The Swiss-owned business announced at the weekend that it has ceased trading across the world. The BBC reports that the firm’s parent company, Diethelm Keller Holding (DKH), said the pandemic had “brought the travel industry to a standstill”.

On its South African website, STA Travel said that the local company has ceased trading.

“Please be assured that if you had a previous booking with us, or hold a live booking, you will receive further communication in the coming days. We are sorry for the inconvenience and the limited information available to you at this time.”

On its Facebook page in South Africa, which has more than 1.5 million followers, many clients posted worried messages about refunds still due to them after they had to cancel overseas trips due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As recently as last week, the company was still advertising trips to Phuket and Bangkok next year.

In Australia, Deloitte was appointed as administrator for STA at the weekend. On Sunday, it was already announced that refunds won’t be offered to customers who cancelled their holidays because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Smart Company Australia reported.

STA Travel originally an acronym for Student Travel Australia was founded in 1971 by young Australian entrepreneurs who set it up to provide services for student travellers.

Lockdown: Oldest Pub in SA Closes its doors.

The Perseverance Tavern was established in Buitenkant Street by Johannes Blesser in the year 1808, in the heart of “The Tavern of the Seas”, as Cape Town was known.

But 212 years later, management has now announced its staff will be retrenched, as alcohol sales remain banned – with no end in sight, News24 reported.

“It’s brutal. With every day that goes by, more and more establishments are shutting up shop,” said owner James Charton of the impact of the lockdown.

He believed it to be “unfair that the hospitality industry has been so targeted” by the national government – and widespread job losses and closures were the inevitable impact.

Outside the famous watering hole on Tuesday, a group of homeless people had taken up new residence of the tavern’s outside seating area – not long ago home to busy trade and cheer.

Charton said of the sight: “One can see just how quickly these old, historic buildings start to show signs of neglect when you are not there trading every day. The situation outside really brings to life the economic realities of the city and the country at large, and are a stark reminder of how bad things are.

“At least our tables are bringing some shelter from the harsh Cape winter to those most in need, I suppose.”

“The Percy”, as the pub is known by many, is famous for dishes such as “Calf’s Head Soup”, “Bubble n Squeak” and “a bowl of flip with West Indian ruhm”.


History of  The Perseverance Tavern

Between 1792 and 1850, whale hunting was in full cry, and whale, seal and penguin meat were favourite fare.

Charton and his partners bought the pub four years ago, when it came on the market.

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own the oldest pub in South Africa,” Charton said simply.

But the diktats surrounding Covid-19 took a heavy toll.

First, on 15 March, with reduced trading hours, then the hard lockdown of 27 March.

“Our message to our staff in March was we would take care of them through the initial three-week period,” Charton explained.

“The UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund) and TERS (Temporary Employee/Employer Relief Scheme) helped us extend the help to staff through the three-month period, in April, May and June.

“Our thinking was that, at the end of the three months, we’d be moving towards an on-consumption licence again. We have been holding on for that.

“But with the latest alcohol ban, we have had to take this painful decision.”

Already, waitering staff have had “brutal” knocks to their livelihoods – especially from tips. Now the UIF and TERS schemes have run out too.


Twenty staff will now be permanently retrenched, Charton explained.

And there was also a social cost, he believed.

“From what I’ve seen, people crave contact – while behaving responsibly. There’s a deep need for humans to connect socially. A pub has always done a great job of that.”

Charton warned that businesses would continue to close – as they reached the end of their ability to cope.



Photo Credit: J Hamel Instagram

Ekurhuleni: Brackendowns SAPS temporarily closed due to Covid-19.

All communities serviced by Brackendowns Police Station are advised that the Police Station has been temporarily closed due to a Covid-19  related incident .

The community Service Centre will be operating from the Bracken Park Community Hall, c/o Hennie Alberts and JG Strijdom Str, Brackenhurst.

The Community will be informed as soon as the Station is operational again.

The SAPS management apologise for any inconvenience that may arise from this.

Contact Numbers:

  • A/Station Commander Lt Col Mateisi can be contacted: 0823199794
  • Vispolcommander: Lt Col Hutchons can be contacted on  082 4613539 or 0837761331
  • Communication officer: Sgt. Lindi Moloi Brackendowns SAPS On 0848612004
  • Brackendowns CPF Chairman: Geoff Steyn 0834111144

PnP Bracken City is closed – Positive COVID-19

PnP Bracken City is closed due to a staff member tested positive for COVID-19 on 18 June 2020

As we approach day 84 of Lockdown we have managed to keep our store free of any confirmed cases. It is, however, with the sad news that we have to inform our community that we had a staff member test positive for COVID-19 on 18 June 2020. As an essential services provider, we have been serving customers every day since the start of the Lockdown to the best of our ability. We take the safety and good health of our staff and customers extremely seriously, and have protocols in place that are immediately carried out should one of our staff members contract the coronavirus.
– The store is immediately closed.
– The staff member is sent home immediately to self-isolate.
– We carry out contact tracing for staff that were in regular or close contact with the affected staff member, and they are also sent home immediately to self-isolate.
– As an additional precaution, all remaining store staff are screened by health practitioners.
– The store is thoroughly deep cleaned and sanitised.
– The store is only reopened with the approval of a relevant Department of Health official.

We have been committed to serving our community as COVID-19 spreads across the country. Since the country went into Lockdown, we have implemented rigorous preventative health and safety protocols, including:

– Split shifts (splitting our staff compliment into two teams)
– Social distancing, outside the store as well as inside the store
– Introduced Crowd control, only allowing 90 customers in the store at a time
– Perspex screens for cashiers
– Private staff transport, to and from work
– Preventative thermal fogging
– Deep cleaning all general areas daily
– Staff screening on the start of every Shift
– Daily staff updates and training
– Mandatory use of masks. And gloves where necessary
– Sanitising of customers hands entering and exiting our store.

At Pick n Pay Brackenhurst, we strive to support our community and put the well being of our staff and customers first. We will also provide support to our staff member and her family during these tough times.
We want to thank all our customers for their patronage throughout this time and will always be looking at new and better ways to offer a safe shopping and working environment for our customers and staff.
We will provide regular updates on our Facebook page
With Kind Regards, Pick n Pay Brackenhurst

Ocean Basket

Ocean Basket won’t open tomorrow

Ocean Basket won’t open tomorrow

From 1 May takeaway outlets and sit-down restaurants will be permitted for food deliveries between

9h00 and 20h00, but Ocean Basket won’t open their doors as yet.

Grace Harding, Ocean Basket CEO said that opening the chain’s restaurants for deliveries alone won’t make financial sense

and the curfews during level 4 also presented a challenge.


Deliveries will offer some financial relief, it may not be enough to cover the operating costs of re-opening larger establishments.

The cost of delivery is also high, with Uber Eats asking outlets up to 30% commission on each meal ordered on its platform.


Harding said Ocean Basket would reconsider opening again if customers could collect takeaways themselves, but in currents drafts this

will only happen once the country reaches level 2.


“We are desperate to re-open. Ocean basket has been left with no income.”


Only at Level 1 will sit-down restaurants be permitted to host customers again. Just before the lockdown occurred in March,

restaurants were restricted to no more than 50 customers and alcohol not to be sold after 18h00.


If those restrictions from part of Level 1 as in March,  Harding says she is comfortable with reopening Ocean Basket.


She said that alcohol as a percentage of sales were not that crucial for the group and they could survive even if only 30 people were allowed in at a time.


Harding is very concerned about the waiters who worked at the chain, and said permanent employees have used their own money

to start a fund to help these workers financially.


Regarding Landlords, Harding expects to pay them a percentage of sales as rent when Ocean Basket re-opens.


The Property Industry Group, which represents South Africa’s largest mall owners, announced that restaurants won’t have to pay any rent in April,

with discounts of 55% in May and 45% in June.


Source: Business Insider

Photo Credit: Ocean Basket

Spur Logo

We won’t be eating at Spur for a while.

Spur has announced that their restaurants wont re-open at the end of the lockdown, as physical distancing rules are expected to apply again.

Spur closed

Spur Groups Chief Operating Officer, Mark Farrelly said in a letter to their landlords, that Rocomamas and Panarottis,

which fall under the group will also remain closed as long as they face restrictions regarding the amount of customers allowed in the restaurant and selling alcohol.


“On average our turnover has dropped over 70% and it proved impossible to run a viable business with the restrictions in place.

One of our major concerns is that we are going into winter ( flu season) and rightfully, people will continue to be alarmed by anyone coughing or sneezing,”Farrelly wrote.


When the Spur restaurants open again, landlords can only expect no more than 6% of turnover as a rental payment.


Spur has over 600 outlets and their franchisees employee more than 30 000 people.


Source: Business Insider

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