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Factory on fire in Elandshaven, Alberton.

National Paramedics D01 and D03 as well as Fox / NPS response vehicles are on the scene. The cause of the fire is not yet clear and fire fighters are currently attempting to get the fire under control. All necessary services are on scene.
This is a developing story, and tame TIMES will update this article as more information becomes available.

Heritage Day – Braai Day in Alberton

Residents of Alberton always grab any opportunity to take a break and have a braai.  Having a day, aptly named “National Braai Day”, only fuels their enthusiasm.  It seems that most Albertonians spent the first 3 days of the week to buy all the essential ingredients for the perfect braai.  Boerewors, steak, Lamb chops, sosaties, Chicken flatties, spareribs, pork chops, brandy, coke and more snacks than can possibly be consumed.  Friends are already coming over to enjoy the day catching up after months of isolation.  By 14:00 this afternoon the entire Alberton, and Gauteng for that matter, will be filled with the aroma of meat cooking on an open fire (or gas for some). The potato bakes, paptert and Braai pie will be ready to go.  We have spoken to some of our residents about their plans for the day.  Petrus from Mayberry Park, is an avid braai master and rarely goes a week without at least one braai.  Today he will be spoiling the family with an enormous fillet steak, honey-mustard chicken sosaties, nearly 2kg of boerewors, spareribs, and cheese grillers as an appetiser.  His wife, Katrina, has spent most of her morning preparing a paptert and a ‘malvapoeding’ is already in the making.

Katrina and Petrus are already on the go with the braai

Henry and Alta, two elderly residents living in Florentia, are going for steak, with some marinated chicken.  Alta made a green salad with the usual cucumber, tomato, lettuce and feta cheese.  They also have a cheese and onion bread baking in the oven.  Leah, a single mom from Meyersdal, have joined forces with several other couples in her complex and will be having a ‘street braai’ later today.  Hailing from London, Gerrard, an Albertonian currently working in the UK, has been preparing a braai feast for himself and his South African friends. A few British friends will be joining them for the occasion.  He bought steaks, pork bangers, and vegetables.  They will be enjoying the meat with a side of mash, Yorkshire pudding, and gravy – a lopsided but perfect marriage of South African and British cuisine.

Meat and Vegetables in London for Braai Day

A local butcher told tameTIMES that he always experiences a sharp increase in sales before National Braai Day and that he now opens on the holiday for those who failed to buy their meat the day before.  Sales for liquor, wine, and cold drinks also see an increase and all braai related extras, snacks and spices also tend to sell fast before the holiday.   

Though some residents feel that the day should be focused solely on celebrating heritage, it seems that most are of the opinion that having a braai is a unique South African way of celebrating a shared and rich heritage.

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Local News: Car crashes into tree leaving three dead, two injured in Brackendowns

Three men were killed, and two others left injured this morning when a light motor vehicle crashed into a tree on Letaba Road in Brackendowns, Alberton.

ER24 paramedics arrived on the scene at 09h20 to find a light motor vehicle split into two. Several people were found lying around the wrecked car.

Medics assessed the patients and found that three men, believed to be in their 20s, and found that they had sustained numerous fatal injuries. Nothing could be done for them, and they were declared dead.

Two other patients were assessed and found to have sustained serious to critical injuries. The patients were treated and immediately transported to a nearby hospital for further care.

The details surrounding this incident are not yet known, but local authorities were on the scene for further investigations.

Arive Alive

Alberton News: 5 Suspects arrested for the destruction of Clicks

Gauteng police said they had arrested five people in connection with the destruction of a Clicks outlet at the Lemon Tree shopping centre in Alberton.

The arrests happened on Monday, hours after EFF supporters descended on numerous Clicks stores all over the country, demanding they shut down.

Brig Mathapelo Peters said, “ It is reported that the employees had locked themselves inside the store after receiving a warning of the planned EFF protest against Clicks stores, and that a group of people clad in EFF regalia were coming for this particular store,”

“On arrival of the latter group at the store and finding the doors locked, the suspects allegedly smashed and broke down the windows and the door, forcing entry into the store where they caused further damage, including a fire that was swiftly contained. The exact cause of the fire is yet to be confirmed,” she added.

A case of malicious damage to property was opened.

A police investigation led to the arrest of five people aged between 21 and 40.

“Their court appearance is yet to be determined,” Peters said.


Local News: The Alberton community had green fingers today!

It was such a beautiful Spring morning to see the Alberton community come together for an incredible Arbour Day initiative to plant 100 Spekboom in our local park.

Why the Spekboom?

This proudly South African plant is indigenous to the Eastern Cape, water wise, ideal for low maintenance gardens, helps to fight air pollution and has the ability to sequester four to ten tons of carbon per hectare.

This drought-resistant plant can survive on just 250-350mm of water a year!

Spekboom has a photosynthetic mechanism which allows it to adapt to both rainforest-like conditions and semi-arid conditions, making it incredibly adaptable and suited to almost any garden.

This is the perfect succulent for our local parks.

Tiaan Kotzé, DA Ward 37 councilor started this initiative for one specific reason, to ensure that our kids have an area to play in but most importantly to grow closer to nature.

When AfriForum and the Alberton Lions Club heard of this Arbour Day initiative they all got involved.

AfriForum donated 100 Spekboom and the Alberton Lion Club bags of compost. Together with the DA and the Albermarle Ext 2 Residence Association everyone helped to plant these wonderful succulents, in Verwoerdpark.

By working together we can truely make a difference in Alberton.







Alberton News: Child critically injured in Alrode

A 4-year-old boy was left critically injured yesterday morning when he was struck by a bakkie at the Old Vereeniging and Dan Jacobs Road intersection in Alrode, Arrive Alive reported.

ER24 paramedics arrived on the scene to find the child lying on the pavement. The bakkie that struck the child was parked a short distance away.

According to Arrive Alive, medics assessed the child and found that he had sustained numerous injuries and was in a critical condition.

The child was treated and provided with several advanced life support interventions before he was airlifted by a private medical helicopter to Charlotte MAxeke Hospital for further care.


Source: Arive Alive

Alberton News: Suspect arrested in South Crest for theft of gate motors

In the early hours of yesterday morning  Special Operations Group (SOG) received a report of two persons walking down Eeuwfees Str, South Crest, Alberton.

They dispatched their dedicated South Crest vehicle to investigate and the response officer spotted the two suspects.

The Response Officer managed to detain one of the two suspects while the other managed to escape by jumping the fence of one of the properties.

In the possession of the detained suspect, SOG found a pickaxe head used to lift gates or break the security gates.

The suspect was placed under arrest and then admitted to being in the area to steal gate motors.

According to SOG, South Crest has been plagued by theft of gate motors and outside beams over the last months, with three stolen this past Friday night.

Source: SOG

Photo Credit: SOG

Alberton News: Dates for Covid-19 testing and Screening.

Covid-19 testing and screening in Alberton

11 August – 9h00 till 14h00

• Edenpark next to the clinic

• Alberton CBD

• NewMarket Mall

12 August – 9h00 till 14h00

• Bracken City

• Brackengate

• Edenpark Extention 5 sports field

13 August – 9h00 till 14h00

• Greenfield taxi rank

14 August – 9h00 till 14h00

• 39 2nd Avenue, Alberton North GDE garages

15 August – 9h00 till 14h00

• Alberton North informal settlement Roxton

16 August – 9h00 till 14h00

• NewMarket Mall

• Alberton Taxi Rank Du Plessis Road


Crime: Suspects arrested in Meyersdal

This morning Fox Security control room received a panic signal from a client in Douglas Harris street, reaction and tactical units responded swiftly. En route to the address their control room was informed by the client that there are two suspects busy breaking into the house.

The suspects fled the scene when reaction units arrived. The suspects jumped over several walls trying to flee. A search was conducted of the area and the suspects were found hiding in a property with the stolen goods. Tactical members apprehended the suspects and found housebreaking implements and two pocket knives on them.

The suspects were handed over to Brackendowns SAPS.



Loadshedding: Schedule for Alberton and Thokoza

Stage 2: According to schedule 12:30 – 15:30

Alberton North




Strong possibility that Alberton won’t be affected by Loadshedding today due to the large area outage affecting Thokoza. This is offsetting the required load to be shed for this area.

Source: Cllr T Kotzé

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