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News: Will the EFF be held accountable?

News: Will the EFF be held accountable?

EFF Leader, Julius Malema caused mayhem in South Africa today by enciting violence from EFF members.

Malema announced that the party intended to ensure that no Clicks stores opened this week.

According to TimesLive the party “distanced” itself from any of the violence meted out to Clicks staff and stores.

“This is in no way associated with the EFF, as our protest action is conducted peacefully and lawfully,” the statement concluded.

Tweeting from his personal social media account:

@Clicks_SA see you tomorrow. Fellow fighters and ground forces; ATTACK!!!

“If they want war give it to them including any land lord of any mall who refuses you entrance . No one must disrespect black people after 2013 without any consequences, if it means death so be it. We are ready for the ultimate sacrifice in defense of black people. #EFFMustRise”

DA MP Andrew Whitfield strongly condemned the EFF’s actions and accused them of inciting violence and the resultant malicious destruction of property.




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