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News: Local councillor eyes DA provincial leadership role

News: Local councillor eyes DA provincial leadership role

Local Democratic Alliance (DA) councillor, Cllr Malcolm Maifala-Masebe has his eyes set on becoming the next DA Provincial Deputy Chairperson for the party in Gauteng.

Maifala-Masebe is up against other formidable contenders such as Member of Parliament, Michele Clarke MP and City of Johannesburg Councillor and current Deputy Chairperson, Bongani Nkomo.

“After considering the role that I want to play in helping the party become the core of a new South African majority, I have decided to raise my hand to be the next provincial deputy chairperson for the DA in Gauteng,” Maifala-Masebe said.

Through this role, Maifala-Masebe hopes to help the party grow its support from the previous election. Over the past few months, the DA has been on the frontline in fighting for all South Africans on a quest of saving both lives and livelihoods.

“I believe that I am the ideal candidate to be the next deputy chairperson because I know I can help grow the DA by strengthening the party from branch level. It is something I have by in large managed to do locally.” Maifala-Masebe said.

Maifala-Masebe added, “My time in the DA has prepared me for this moment.”

Maifala-Masebe started his journey in the DA as a branch chairperson under Ald. Bruna Haipel. He was branch Chairperson from 2012 to 2016, just before the 2016 election when he was a candidate for his current ward.

During the same time, he served as the DA Youth Regional Deputy Chairperson in Gauteng East, from 2012 to 2014. He later played a role in assisting the region resuscitate the DA Youth structure in Gauteng East.

Maifala-Masebe has held various positions in the party as well as the DA Ekurhuleni Caucus; among these are as DA Alberton Constituency Secretary. He has also served as the DA Shadow MMC for Community Services, focusing mainly on Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture. He is currently the DA Spokesperson for Public Participation and Petitions in Ekurhuleni.

“While this is a great prospect for me, I remain fully committed to ensuring the residents of Ward 38 in Ekurhuleni are not neglected in any way. Ultimately, the DA continues to be a party that values all South Africans, and I will continue to serve the residents as best as possible.”





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