News: Dis-Chem has re-opened their Covid-19 testing stations

News: Dis-Chem has re-opened their Covid-19 testing stations

Dis-Chem says it has re-opened several Covid-19 testing stations in various areas across the country, Business Tech reported.

The pharmacy group had initially closed its stations on 10 July,  following a massive backlog in obtaining test results.

Lizeth Kruger, national clinic manager at Dis-Chem, told Business Tech the availability of additional testing sites will ease the pressure on government’s existing testing facilities that has resulted from the countrywide spike in daily positive cases over the past few weeks.

The pharmacy group said that it has improved its testing process to include an online registration and direct integration into the laboratories to speed up the feedback of results to the patient.

“The system will be able to regulate the number of tests carried out at each site while controlling the number of tests that will be sent to contracted laboratories, which have committed to making test results available within 24 to 48 hours,” said  Kruger.

How it works

  • Members of the public will need to pre-register online on Dis-Chem’s website or app.
  • This system allows the consumer to choose a convenient date and drive-through site after which a visitor identification will then be issued.
  • This process will control the number of people that will arrive at each station, and tests will be carried out on a first come, first serve basis, Dis-Chem said.
  • On arrival at the testing site, consumers will need to show their visitor identification which confirms their booking and then will pass through the entry point into the queue for the test.
  • The registered Dis-Chem nurse will record the patient symptoms before carrying out the test which is referenced to the patient details.
  • Cell numbers will be confirmed to ensure that the test results are sent to the correct numbers, and there is also an option to have the results emailed. As soon as the test results are made available, not later than 48 hours, an sms will automatically be sent to the patient with their result, the group said.





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