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New Kawasaki Disease linked to Covid-19

New Kawasaki Disease linked to Covid-19

Some children, with no underlying health problems, have died of a rare inflammatory disease, similar to the dreaded Kawasaki syndrome, in the United Kingdom. Matt Hancock, the UK Health Secretary, said that researches believe the disease is linked to the Coronavirus.

Italian and British medical experts are investigating a link that may exist between the two diseases of cluster of the severe inflammatory disease appeared in the UK and Italy.  The infants developed a high fever and in some severe cases swollen arteries of the heart muscle.

Northern Italy was one of the areas that were most affected during the Covid-19 pandemic which started in late 2019.  An extraordinarily large number of children aged 9 or younger have presented with severe cases of what appeared to be the Kawasaki disease.   “It’s a new disease that we think may be caused by coronavirus and the Covid-19 virus.  We’re not 100% sure – because some of the people who got it hadn’t tested positive – so we’re doing a lot of research now, but it is something that we’re worried about.”

Kawasaki disease, more common in some parts of Asia, afflicts children aged and younger.  It is associated with high fever, swollen glands and skin rashes.  In more severe cases the arteries around the heart becomes inflamed.   Victoria Atkins, UK Health Minister, urged parents to be vigilant.  “It demonstrates just how fast-moving this virus is and how unprecedented it is in its effect.”

The President of the Royal College of Nursing, Prof Rafferty, said they had heard in reports about the similarity between the cases in infants and the Kawasaki Syndrome.  “Actually, there’s far too little known about it and the numbers actually at the moment are really too small,” she said.  “But it is an alert, and it’s something that’s actually being explored and examined by a number of different researchers.”




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