Netcare Alberton Hospital Finally Completed

Netcare Alberton Hospital Finally Completed

The construction of the enormous Netcare Alberton Hospital has been completed at last. Residents have long been watching the progress in anticipation. The 427-bed hospital will be home to many of the extensive set of disciplines and services offered by Netcare Union Hospital (222 beds) and Netcare Clinton Hospital (165 beds).

It is rumoured that Netcare Union Hospital will become a rehabilitation centre for Netcare Patients,  while the Clinton Hospital will purportedly become an Oncology Centre.

“The handover represents a significant milestone in the development of our new future-fit healthcare facility,” said Jacques du Plessis, the Managing Director of Netcare’s hospital division.

“I would like to thank Trencon Construction and express our appreciation to the highly professional team of project managers, architects, quantity surveyors and consulting engineering firms, as well as the many local, national and international sub-contractors and suppliers, for their hard work and exacting standards in bringing this large construction project to fruition.”

Following functional testing, the four-story building, comprising a total gross building area of 60 343m², including a basement parking area, was handed over to the Netcare Group after all the requirements were met by the main contractor.

“We are proud to have delivered the new Netcare Alberton Hospital in time and to the highest quality, given the impact of Covid-19 and market constraints. It was also a difficult time for our business with the passing of our founder, Amarnath Singh, during the construction,” added Yavani Singh-Ninan, CEO of Trencon Construction.

“We thank the Netcare team for this opportunity and congratulate them on adding their largest, newly built hospital to their portfolio. We look forward to working together in the future,” she said.

What Happens Next?

The hospital has been developed by the Rejem-Linton-Netcare Joint Venture, comprising Netcare Properties, local businessman Riaan Jonker and Nedbank.

The project included considerable investment in local labour and businesses, and at the peak of its construction, it offered employment to over 800 local people, while over 90 local companies were utilised.

In excess of R200-million was spent with local businesses and suppliers.

“The handover represents the culmination of a decade-long journey of options analysis, planning and implementation of this new purpose-built hospital. We are liaising with the Gauteng Department of Health to complete the licensing process and are working at full steam to instal all the medical and other equipment, furnishings and consumables necessary to manage such a large, ultramodern and well-appointed healthcare facility,” du Plessis explained.

Richard Mulder, GM of the new hospital, said: “The community may have noticed the hospital’s sign that is prominently visible on the brand new building at 1 Netcare Avenue, Newmarket, Alberton, on the former grounds of the old Newmarket Racecourse and across the road from the Mall at Newmarket shopping complex.”

A medical centre next to the hospital building will be linked to the hospital via a sky bridge.

“We look forward to building on the specialised services and care that are provided by healthcare practitioners at Netcare Union and Netcare Clinton hospitals,” Mulder concluded.





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