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Naked lady threw tantrum in Capitec Bank

Naked lady threw tantrum in Capitec Bank

A viral video made the rounds on social media showing a lady who ripped off her clothes and threw a tantrum in the bank wearing nothing but her God-given skin and her shoes.

She screamed, wrecked computers, pushed chairs over and destroyed a multitude of other things while other customers scattered around her and bank employees stood helpless and in shock.

Many people are asking for justice. Justice for the bank. Justice for the people. Justice for that desktop computer.

Apparently, said woman started swearing and trashing the place after she was refused a loan. But Capitec spokespeople are saying they’re not sure why this happened and that they’re investigating the situation. Meanwhile, the Strand SAPS in the Western Cape have opened a case of “malicious damage to property” and the 41-year-old lady is due to appear at the Strand Magistrates Court.

She was captured on cellphone grabbing a computer screen from an employee’s desk and throwing it to the floor.

Capitec was left as perplexed by this incident as the witnesses were


instituted an investigation but on Thursday said it had no insight into why the incident occurred.

“We have no further information about the reason she behaved this way as her words were inaudible. We are unfortunately unable to give more insight into her behaviour.

“We do know that she behaved in a similar manner in adjacent shops.

“We can confirm that while she has a savings account with us, she does not have any line of credit with the bank,” the bank said, commenting on the speculation on social media about what led to the fleshy protest.

“We have extended counselling to all affected employees through the AskNelson service [a service offering employees telephonic access to counselling, health information and education from registered health professionals],” the bank added.

Three other times bank customers caused chaos

This is not the first time an unusual incident has occurred at the hands of SA bank patrons.

In 2004 a disgruntled Absa client released five puff adders into the reception area of the bank’s central Johannesburg headquarters. He had been locked in a dispute with the bank for five years over car payments. He had told the bank he would “deliver some snakes to your premises” if the issue was not fixed.

In 2019 a woman urinated on the floor of a Kempton Park FNB bank branch. She alleged she had been waiting for over an hour and the toilets were locked and that she had no choice. A video of the incident was circulated on social media.

In April 2019, a woman crashed her Mercedes-Benz car into the Standard Bank branch at K90 Shopping Centre, Boksburg. This after she got angry at a teller for waiting in a long queue. The woman then stormed out of the bank, climbed into the car and rammed it several times through the bank’s entrance.




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