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MUNICIPAL: Loadshedding could return at any time

MUNICIPAL: Loadshedding could return at any time

Deputy President David Mabuza. Picture: SEBABATSO MOSAMO

Deputy President David Mabuza has warned that loadshedding could return at any time as the power demand rises according to EWN.

Mabuza was addressing members of the National Assembly on Thursday about a number of issues affecting Eskom.

He told MPs that Eskom might be facing a mountain of challenges, but the power utility was performing well under the circumstances.

The government will be fast-tracking the emergency procurement of additional energy generation amid growing fears that load-shedding could soon hit SA’s already battered economy.

South Africans might have become accustomed to having an uninterrupted power supply during the COVID-19 lockdown but Deputy President David Mabuza said that the consistent power supply might not last for long after losing four units and two power plants.

“Not unless there are unforeseen circumstances that happen that push us to utilise the little reserve that we have. That does not say that I’m ruling out loadshedding completely.”

He also raised the alarm on illegal connections, saying they played a role in power disruptions.

More and more energy gets taken in the grid to the point where the infrastructure gets threatened that’s why at a certain point you’ll see a generator that will burn.”


Source: EWN, BusinessLive





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