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Mugg & Bean Closure Debacle

Mugg & Bean Closure Debacle

The Mayor of Ekurhuleni this weekend posted on Twitter that the Mugg & Bean Coffee shop chain would be closing its doors permanently.  The tweet read:

“Morning people of South Africa, as we are busy arguing why Zuma must be incarcerated, Mugg & Bean SA has announced its permanent CLOSURE in SA.  Since the start of the pandemic, when are we going to start discussing our problems that confront our people?”

In the now-deleted Twitter post, Masina took to his Twitter account to discuss the situation with the former President Jacob Zuma and the gatherings at Nkandla, as well as the current situation with Covid-19 and the Level 4 Lockdown’s effect on businesses.

Mugg & Bean quickly responded to the rumours in a tweet: “We are aware of #fakenews doing the rounds. @Mugg_and_Bean is not closing.  While sit-down dining is not currently allowed, the majority of restaurants remain open to bring you your favourite M&B meals via delivery, collection and takeaway.”

Mugg & Bean had to act fast and assure its many loyal customers that the news of the closure was in fact “fake news”, adding that it has only disallowed sit down eating in line with current level 4 lockdown measures.






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