Mthethwa warns sport bodies to comply with Level 3 Regulations

Mthethwa warns sport bodies to comply with Level 3 Regulations

Officials from the Sports, Arts and Culture department will be deployed to monitor that Level 3 sport directions are being complied with.

A stern warning was also given from the department that no organisation could resume training or competition until receiving approval from Minister Nathi Mthethwa.

Sport bodies have until June 26 to submit their resumption plans to the department for approval.

The ministry said in a statement on Saturday:

  • If the sports body resumes training or matches, either contact or non-contact, without the approval of the minister, it is tantamount to a violation of the directions and regulations.
  • Any necessary or punitive measures will be taken against such sports body in terms of the regulations.
  • The department shall deploy officials to monitor compliance with the directions and such officials shall be given special identity documents.
  • Currently there are sport bodies which have sent their plans and are being considered by the department together with the NICD (National Institute of Communicable Diseases).
  • Upon receipt of the plans it will be decided whether the sports bodies have complied with all the requirements as proclaimed in the directions.

“During the period of processing the plan, no sports body is allowed to resume training or playing.”

Source: Sowetanlive

Image: TWITTER/Nathi Mthethwa




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