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Mother of Ten is the Side Chick, not the Wife

Mother of Ten is the Side Chick, not the Wife

The whole story of the miracle decuplets has turned sour after an unexpected turn of events. It is rumored that a secret source approached the city press newspaper to spill the beans on what exactly is going on in the two families that had the decuplet. She said she wanted to remain anonymous but was able to tell the whole story of what is really happening within the family.

According to the article released by Citizen on Thursday night, the so-called married is not married at all. According to the anonymous, the father did not even want the kids but was forced into the spotlight because of the international media coverage. It is alleged that the father of the babies is married to another woman with whom he actually lives.

According to the source, the father was livid when he heard he now has 10 babies, but attempted to act the part of the happy father. Now that the couple is famous, he is allegedly attempting to use the opportunity to for financial gain. He is currently unemployed and it was the ‘side chick’ who took care of him. The father’s wife is reportedly furious about the media coverage her husband is now receiving.

According to the source, the family does not want anything to do with the woman and her 10 babies. The father and his wife have not been available for comment on the allegations.

Whether or not the allegations are true remains to be seen.  The husband was the driving force behind all the interviews and media coverage and maintained throughout that they were a happily married couple.




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