Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month

Most of us are struggling with stress during these uncertain times.


The World Health Organisation has published an illustrated  guide, which includes advice about dealing with negative thoughts and being kind to yourself.

Even though this guide was commissioned years before Covid-19, the WHO leaders are concerned about  the state of the worlds mental health.


“We hope that it will help people who are currently feeling under stress as a result of the pandemic,” WHO communications officer Alison Brunier said.

Sociologists are concerned about an impending “ grief tsunami”. People from around the world mourn the deaths of those who have died due to Covid-19.


Stress and anxiety caused by being socially isolated, the lack of support for mental health, eating disorders, alcohol abuse, to name a few.

The guide comes with audio narrated by African voiceover talent Sanjo Ogunseye and illustrations by Julie Smith.

It is currently been translated into other languages.


Click on the link for the publication and the audio.


Source: Insider

Image from the World Health Organisation’s new guide to handling stress.




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