Meet the “Jock’s of the bushveld”

Meet the “Jock’s of the bushveld”

 “Jock’s of the bushveld”

We all loved the true story of Jock of the bushveld, written by South African author Sir James Percy Fitzgerald,

who told us about his travels with Jock in the late 1800’s. The braveness of Jock and how he saved

Fitzgerald’s life on so many different occasions brings back fond memories of this heroic book.

These incredible dogs are being trained to combat poaching in South Africa and are saving the lives of our precious wildlife.

Meet the “Jock’s of the bushveld”2

With new technologies constantly being developed to try and combat poaching in the Kruger National Park, hunting dogs are proving to be extremely effective.

All around the country, special training facilities have been established to equip the canines with the skills they require to help with the conservation effort.

“Our canine training facility has deployed dogs right throughout the African continent, both in law enforcement as well as anti-poaching operations.

We’ve deployed dogs as far afield as Malaysia, so our footprint is quite wide and diverse.” explains Eric Ichikowitz, Senior Vice President of the Paramount Group.


These trained dogs have become the foot soldiers to protect our wildlife against poaching.

Anne Kruger, from the K9 Conservation Unit describes how the dogs are reacting to their work.


“They find great joy out of doing what they are born to and meant to do, which is hunting.

And they love having that bond with a handler as well, the need to have a purpose.”


This incredible team are considered to be the best anti-poaching unit on the continent.

The Communications and Marketing Manager at the Kruger National Park, Ike Phaalhla explains the effectiveness of these hunting dogs, “Over 90% of the arrests that have been affected thus far in the Kruger National Park since 2011 have been through the assistance of the canine unit.”


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Photo Credit: Goodthingsguy, CNN – Inside Africa




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