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Matrics tested on their ability to solve problems in maths exam

Matrics tested on their ability to solve problems in maths exam

NATIONAL Senior Certificate candidates will be writing their Mathematics Paper 1 exam today.

The morning session exams which will have to be concluded within 3 hours from 9am to 11am will see candidates tackle Mathematics Paper 1, Mathematics Literacy Paper 1 and Technical Mathematics Paper 1.

Mathematics Paper 1 covers topics such as patterns and sequences; finance, growth and decay; functions and graphs; algebra, equations and inequalities; differential calculus; and probability.

While Mathematics Literacy Paper 1 covers finance, measurements and maps.

The matric exams started on October 27 which was a few days earlier than the initially set date of November 1. The exams were pushed forward to allow for the municipal elections and the day was declared a public holiday.

So far the candidates have written the English Paper 1 exam, Business Studies Paper 1 and Afrikaans Paper 1.

On Monday, November 8, will be another big group session as they write Mathematics Paper 2.

tameTIMES wish all our matric readers the very best for their exams.




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