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Marmite SA says there’s no ‘Marmageddon’ yet amid shortage of brewer’s yeast due to Covid-19

Marmite SA says there’s no ‘Marmageddon’ yet amid shortage of brewer’s yeast due to Covid-19

South African Marmite lovers were left worried this week after the United Kingdom experienced a shortage of the salty, vegetarian sandwich spread. Many were left wondering if South Africa would suffer a similar #Marmageddon, according to Food24.

It has been a domino cascade of unfortunate events for Marmite in the UK. Pubs and restaurants were closed in late March across Britain in a measure to limit the spread of the coronavirus across that country. The pandemic forced the closure of almost all public spaces, and with that, the consumption of beer suddenly dropped.

Breweries in the UK, as here in South Africa, have been forced to halt all production of beers, ales and lagers after demand fell drastically. With the minimal production of beer, there came an unforeseen consequence – the end to brewer’s yeast, an essential ingredient in Marmite.

Brewer’s yeast is a by-product of beer brewing, but it is an important nutritional supplement used widely to improve foods and beverages. High in B-vitamins and folic acid, brewer’s yeast (sometimes called nutritional yeast) is particularly beneficial to those following a vegetarian lifestyle.

Food24 reached out to South Africa’s Marmite producer, Pioneer Foods for comment on what this means for South African Marmite fans. Mandy Murphy,  Managing Executive, Condiments, Spreads, Pioneer Foods told them:

The last few months have been tough at our Marmite factory because we had been unable to procure any supply of yeast, a key ingredient, during the lockdown period. This is because two of our key suppliers of yeast in South Africa, AB-Inbev and Heineken have not been permitted to operate. As yeast is a live product, we are unable to stockpile it and hence the production unit had to stop functioning.”

Mandy has some comforting words for fans: “However, the good news is that from the end of the month, the Breweries have promised to deliver yeast to us once again – so that the Marmite machines will once again be operational.

The even better news is that there is plenty of Marmite available on retail shelves across the country, particularly of our 125g bottles – and after all, dynamite comes in small packages!”

Source: Food24 / Katy Rose




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