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Man Arrested after Dragging Body in Wolseley

Man Arrested after Dragging Body in Wolseley

A man was arrested after he was seen dragging a woman’s body in Wolseley.

The suspect was arrested on Monday in Wolseley after a body was found in the area.  It was one of three bodies, two of which were female, discovered in the town over the weekend.  On Saturday night the suspects was arrested and taken into custody at a local informal settlement after he was spotted dragging the body of a young woman through the streets.

Following the discovery, police officers were again called out to a shallow grave on Sunday where the body of another woman had been buried hastily.  A further search of the area led to the discovery of another shallow grave close to the first one, where the remains of another person was found.  The third body has not been identified and the age and gender of the third corpse has not been determined.  Autopsies will be carrier out to determine how the person died and also to determine gender and age, as well as hopefully identifying the victim.




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