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Makhura to outline how Gauteng will deal with Covid-19 surge

Makhura to outline how Gauteng will deal with Covid-19 surge

The Gauteng province is now drawing all the attention of the Covid-19 storm.  All eyes are on Premier David Makhura to outline solid measures of how the province plans to deal with the rapid rise in infections.

Gauteng hospitals are becoming increasingly overwhelmed with patients, especially in the Tshwane district.

The Steve Biko Academic Hospital was forced to erect tents over the weekend due to an influx in the number of people in need of hospitalisation.  Steve Biko hospital in Pretoria is so full that staff are treating some patients in beds wheeled out into the parking lot.

Images showed patients receiving oxygen on the tarmac outside the entrance to the emergency department, while other hospital staff were spraying down beds with sanitizer to prep for more patients.

Steve Biko’s chief executive, Mathabo Mathebula, told the SABC that “treating patients outside was unavoidable” because of a sudden surge in patients.

“Covid-19 patients, even one that looks stable as he steps in the door, the condition can change any time. … Our capacity in terms of inside, it was overflowing.”

The provincial command council is expected to hold a briefing later on Tuesday.

The Democratic Alliance’s Jack Bloom said that he hoped Makhura would live up to his commitment of providing the public healthcare sector with more beds.

“We are paying a lot of money for empty beds; the contract at Nasrec ends at the end of January. So, I think we want to know what the terms of the renewal of the contract and for the beds that will be used.”




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