Major shift in South Africa’s neighbourhoods with the fastest broadband speeds

Major shift in South Africa’s neighbourhoods with the fastest broadband speeds

Q1 2022 test results showed that many more neighbourhoods in the Durban area featured in the top 10 best mobile and fixed broadband neighbourhoods of South Africa but it should be noted that the tests were conducted before the recent flooding in KwaZulu-Natal, which severely damaged mobile and fixed broadband infrastructure in Durban.

MTN reported last week that the flooding caused 500 sites to go offline due to infrastructure damage and power outages.  Vodacom announced that 400 of its sites were down due to the floods.

Musgrave, Durban North, Bulwer, and La Lucia joined Umhlanga Ridge on the list of South Africa’s neighbourhoods with the fastest broadband speeds.

These results are based on 323,160 mobile speed tests and 443,318 speed tests done on fixed broadband connections over the first quarter of 2022.

Another interesting trend is that the average download speeds among the top ten neighbourhoods increased.

At the end of December, the lowest average mobile broadband download speed in the top ten belonged to Table View in Cape Town — 48.37 Mbps.

La Lucia was ranked tenth by end-March, with an average mobile download speed of 78.15 Mbps.

Average downloads for the tenth-place fixed broadband contender also increased, albeit only from 47.82 Mbps to 49.30 Mbps.

The same Q1 2022 test results showed that Sandown in Johannesburg was the neighbourhood with the fastest average mobile data speed.

Brackenhurst in Alberton had the fastest average fixed broadband speed.

These two neighbourhoods ousted Bryanston as the top neighbourhood for fixed and mobile broadband speeds in Q4 2021.

Sandton is one of the main business and financial districts in South Africa and is also known as “Africa’s Richest Square Mile”, so it makes sense that it would be a leading area in terms of mobile connectivity.

Cape Town lost all but one of its representatives in both top ten lists, while Durban gained four. The other loser was Pretoria, which lost two representatives across both lists.

The speed test servers are hosted in Teraco’s vendor-neutral data centres, ensuring a neutral testing environment for consumers to test their connections.

When compiling and processing this data, areas where too few individual users have done tests are excluded to ensure it is comparable for different neighbourhoods.

The table below shows the South African neighbourhoods with the highest average mobile and fixed broadband speeds during the first quarter of 2022.

Best mobile broadband neighbourhoods for Q1 2022
Neighbourhood Average Download Speed (Mbps)
Average Upload Speed (Mbps)
Average Latency (ms)
Sandown, Sandton 106.19 26.76 28
Illovo, Sandton 93.18 23.98 27
Musgrave, Durban 91.42 23.67 36
Bryanston, Sandton 88.65 23.77 33
Lone Hill, Sandton 84.26 21.77 27
Durban North 83.38 19.15 37
Bulwer, Durban 82.94 41.52 49
Waterkloof Ridge, Pretoria 81.81 19.55 30
Equestria, Pretoria 81.28 18.58 28
La Lucia, Durban 78.15 18.39 35
Best fixed broadband neighbourhoods in Q1 2022
Neighbourhood Average Download Speed (Mbps) Average Upload Speed (Mbps) Average Latency (ms)
Brackenhurst, Alberton 58.73 43.93 31
Garsfontein, Pretoria 57.48 40.07 28
Faerie Glen, Pretoria 56.67 42.11 24
Pierre van Ryneveld Park, Centurion 56.11 38.72 86
Umhlanga Ridge, Durban 55.09 42.29 63
The Reeds, Centurion 53.70 41.16 52
Lyttleton Manor, Centurion 50.65 40.45 28
Randpark Ridge, Randburg 49.83 41.62 31
Bryanston, Sandton 49.74 42.06 20
Rondebosch, Cape Town 49.30 52.83 72




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