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Looted Goods to be Destroyed by SAPS

Looted Goods to be Destroyed by SAPS

According to recent reports, the goods being confiscated from looters by the police and other law enforcement officials will likely be destroyed. Authorities are tight-lipped about the final destination of the food, appliances, and furniture among other items, which were looted during the looting and protests last week, but stores have confirmed they have no use for them. Police policy dictates that the items must be destroyed.

Several retailers have said that they had no idea where the confiscated goods were being stored or where they would end up as it became near impossible to discern where they were looted and when. The items cannot be sold to customers however and thus the fate of the stolen goods will be determined by authorities.

Insiders in the South African Police Service have also informed media representatives that the government was reluctant to disclose details on the goods due to “security reasons” given the tensions and sensitivity of the issue.

The police, however, is criticized by the public when destroying confiscated goods, more so in light of the alarming poverty rates in the country. Section 36 of the General Law Act empowers SAPS to act on any person found in possession of goods to which there is reasonable suspicion that they have been stolen and is unable to give a satisfactory account of such possession.




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