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Local News: The Alberton community had green fingers today!

Local News: The Alberton community had green fingers today!

It was such a beautiful Spring morning to see the Alberton community come together for an incredible Arbour Day initiative to plant 100 Spekboom in our local park.

Why the Spekboom?

This proudly South African plant is indigenous to the Eastern Cape, water wise, ideal for low maintenance gardens, helps to fight air pollution and has the ability to sequester four to ten tons of carbon per hectare.

This drought-resistant plant can survive on just 250-350mm of water a year!

Spekboom has a photosynthetic mechanism which allows it to adapt to both rainforest-like conditions and semi-arid conditions, making it incredibly adaptable and suited to almost any garden.

This is the perfect succulent for our local parks.

Tiaan Kotzé, DA Ward 37 councilor started this initiative for one specific reason, to ensure that our kids have an area to play in but most importantly to grow closer to nature.

When AfriForum and the Alberton Lions Club heard of this Arbour Day initiative they all got involved.

AfriForum donated 100 Spekboom and the Alberton Lion Club bags of compost. Together with the DA and the Albermarle Ext 2 Residence Association everyone helped to plant these wonderful succulents, in Verwoerdpark.

By working together we can truely make a difference in Alberton.










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