Kruger News: Warthogs steal and eat cheetah’s meal

Kruger News: Warthogs steal and eat cheetah’s meal

The video was taken by 41-year-old Shakera Kaloo, who had the opportunity to witness the rare sighting on June 18.

Kaloo said the sighting was unusual and interesting.

“Even more surprising than seeing warthogs at an impala catch was the fact that the cheetah did not even fight to protect the meal once the warthogs advanced closer to the food and instead walked way, submitting the impala to the warthogs.

“We’ve never seen a warthog doing this — nor did we know that warthogs eat meat from a carcass. The sighting ended with the cheetah walking away from the kill. It walked along the side and sat on the signpost before moving off into the bush.”

Source: TimesLive




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