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The new year of every year makes individuals feel like they want to start something or do something’s
differently to get some were. All the new beginnings and resolutions. It is a good start for the mind and
the soul.

But it can get a bit complicated, as to how to start. Then there is the internal turmoil that would go on
within you regarding what you could do and what would people say about it. My point is that, just to
start can be a challenge.

For now let us start together. First try to figure out what is it that you can do and you can do it well, and
you enjoy doing it and while you at it you do it extraordinarily. That could be what you do with your
mind, hands or the body, for instance, a sport.

Identifying what you can do well could be the start of your journey in identifying the wealth that richly
lies in the inside of you. Everything that you desire, dream of, is very much permissible because the
capacity to acquire all that is stored right within you.at times one needs to spend some time with self,
just to be able to hear what self could inform of the things that are installed deep within. Similar to
those those are digging for Gold; you will need to dig for the one that is hidden in you.

And when you have found it, you have to keep at it. Like a rough stone, your talent or skill will need to
be cleaned and polished, attended to, to be made perfect.
W.E Kanyon states in his book Sign Posts to success that, if you have a talent or skill, when you are given
a platform to do It ,you have to do it so well that people will be willing to pay you, and they won’t mind
paying again.

Everybody has something that has been given to them from the moment of conception. Unfortunately
some never find it out. Emphases are made on figuring out the best that you can be and ensuring that it
makes money for you.

One has to spent time on the skill. By doing that, you are adding value to yourself. By keeping at it you
are making yourself indispensible. In your private place, do it again and again. You will need a lot of
consistency and the thirst to be extraordinary.

Matriculates’ and Pre-matriculates’ could gain vastly for this read, as they are about to start on their
new grade and embark on to a very tense year. Sufficient time and consistency will be imperative.
Being vital is essential, you might want to start doing some exercises to keep the brain stimulated and
the body ready to move and remain spontaneous.
It is all in you, just keep at it!!!!




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