Is it time to quit smoking?

Is it time to quit smoking? If you are a smoker, this lockdown has proven to be a challenge. People all around the country are now buying illicit cigarettes, not because they want to support the illegal trade, but because their freedom regarding this was taken away. Long gone are the days of smoking Camel or Marlboro, smokers are now enduring “RG’s and Navy”.


The cost of cigarettes has skyrocketed to between R600- R1000 a carton, (depending on where you live) and eventually the decision has to be made whether you can afford spending this money or going cold turkey.


Neither option sits well with anyone, but if you decided to quit since you are probably on your last packet of cigarettes, willpower and determination will get you there, or until the ban has been lifted.


According to an article by IOL, “The Cancer Association of SA (Cansa) offers the following steps to help you stop smoking:

  • Decide on a date to quit smoking and stick to it. Throw away all reminders of smoking – cigarette packets, ashtrays and lighters.
  • Avoid smokers and triggers that may tempt you. Once you have started, the first two to three days are the most difficult. It usually becomes easier.
  • Replace smoking with another activity.

According to IOL, other alternatives to consider  but not scientifically proven,


Cupping therapy

This ancient cupping therapy is used for many things, one of which is smoking cessation.

In cupping, cups are applied to intact or scarified skin to draw blood toward or through the skin.

Traditionally, cupping therapy has been practised in most cultures in one form or another and it could be used to help those who want to quit smoking.

While health practitioners are still debating whether it works for everyone, some studies suggest it may be worth a try.


Nicotine chewing gum

This is a type of gum that delivers nicotine to the body by delivering it to the bloodstream through absorption by the tissues of the mouth.

This gum can be used “on demand”, whenever you experience a nicotine craving. You can also choose from various flavours, such as fruit and mint. It’s available in 2mg and 4mg strengths. If you chew the gum too much, however, you may swallow some of the nicotine, which may be absorbed by the lining of your mouth.


Laser therapy

This uses low-intensity light or cold lasers to stimulate points on the body, similar to acupuncture. The aim of the light is to stimulate chemicals in the brain known as endorphins which imitate the “relaxing” effect nicotine has on the brain. However, there is not much research supporting the success of this alternative.


Join a programme

To enroll in the Kick Butt programme simply visit

You have the option to unsubscribe at any time. Support is available online by just activating your e-mail series and you will receive instructions and a link.

Any queries regarding the programme may be directed to the toll free call centre at 0800 22 66 22 or”


Source: IOL

Photo Credit: Unsplash




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