Inspirational News: Truck driver had never seen the sea, farmer drove him 20km to change his life!

Inspirational News: Truck driver had never seen the sea, farmer drove him 20km to change his life!

Farmers in the Northern Cape are in need of feed due to the prolonged drought they are facing. Regular deliveries of feed are being sent to help aid them. Truck drivers take massive loads to the areas most affected by the drought.

Aaron is one of those truck drivers and this was his first time driving up to the Namaqualand district of the Northern Cape. He arrived with the load and the farmhands started offloading while Aaron stood chatting with the grateful farmers.

As Aaron had never been to the area, he was excited to find out that he was only 20km away from the sea. Aaron shared that he had never seen the sea before. He is 46-years-old.

Jasper, a farmer standing listening to Aaron share his secret, knew he had to help Aaron so he drove him the 20km to show him the sea.

The incredible story was shared by SA Long-distance Truckers (SALT) who praised Jasper for going out of his way to bring joy to Aaron, giving him a memorable day at the beach.

This is absolutely brilliant..

Trucker Aaron took a load of feed for farmers in the Namaqualand district for farmers in need.

It was the first time for Aaron in the area and talking to farmers he heard that the sea is only 20kms away and at 46 years old he had never seen the sea in his life. His wish was to go to the ocean and walk in the water… They offloaded his truck and one of the farmers called Jasper drove the 20 odd kms to the ocean and took Aaron to go frolic in the water for the first time…

That ladies and gentlemen is how we do things together…”

The random act of kindness has left many inspired. Jasper brought so much joy to Aaron.

Take a look at the excitement and joy on Aaron’s face below.


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