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High vaccine certificate demand causes portal time outs

High vaccine certificate demand causes portal time outs

The nation’s vaccine certificate portal appears to have hit a snag just hours after its official launch.  National Health Department officials on Friday morning gave a live demonstration of how the first phase works.

But shortly after the launch, users were taking to social media complaining that the website was timing out.

The department said that this was because of a very high volume of users on the site and it was confident that this would soon be sorted out.

More than 300,000 vaccination certificates were downloaded in the hour after the portal went live.

The Department of Health on Thursday said it was in the final testing phase of its COVID-19 digital vaccination certificates system, trying to analyse all possible glitches ahead of the official launch today.

The department said it had continued to be inundated with public and media enquiries about the certificates and said it would give details at a briefing on Friday morning.

The digital document could be used to facilitate travel, access to establishments or gatherings and other forms of activity that require proof of vaccination.

Only people who are COVID-19 vaccinated can retrieve their vaccine digital certificate.

The design of the vaccination card will be enhanced to ensure that it remains up to date with international standards.

Government will resend confirmation codes sent out to those vaccinated over the next four days but if you can’t wait that long you can call the national coronavirus hotline on 0800 029 999 for these details.

South African vaccine certificates can be generated by visiting: https://vaccine.certificate.health.gov.za/




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