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High School Marais Viljoen is ready for all their students.

High School Marais Viljoen is ready for all their students.

High School Marais Viljoen is ready for all their students.

With every possible precaution taken to ensure the safety of their matric class of 2020, and all the other students returning later the year, all the teachers felt gutted today when it was announced that students will only return on the 8th of June.


Colourful balloons welcomed the Matric class as they would have entered the school building, sending a message of hope during these difficult times.

Teachers giving students a thumbs up!


Mrs Heystek, the Principle of Marais Viljoen has the following message for all the parents and students, “ Ouers en studente, wees rustig. Ouers, maak julle kinders kalm. Ons gaan sukses hê hierdie jaar! Ons mis julle, en kan nie wag dat julle terug kom nie. Ons is reg met die Akademie vir julle. Dankie dat julle so hard gewerk het by die huis! God bly in beheer en sulke tye gaan ook verby, en wees gerus, elke moontlike veiligheidsmaatreël word toegepas by die skool.”

Even though classes have been suspended this week, the teachers are hard at work attending an Online teaching programme from Microsoft TEAMS. This training is provided to ensure that all online classes will resume for students who are still at home.


The following safety measures (as per protocol from the DBE) has been put in place to safeguard all the students and staff members.

  • All students will receive one facemask from the Education Department
  • All students will receive one Marais Viljoen facemask, which was donated by NuPay.
  • All staff and students will be screened twice a day.
  • Marais Viljoen has installed a disinfection booth, but no student will be forced to walk through it.
  • All staff and students will receive Covid-19 training from Dr. Gert–Jan van Zyl, who is part of the Governing Body and the Health and Safety and Health Committee of the school.
  • Councillors are available for any student that might feel stressed during these hard times.
MRS Heystek wearing a mask


Ms Jacobs wearing a mask



The disinfection booth

Social distancing demarcation in classes.

Social distancing demarcation for students while waiting to go into class


How the classes will work

  • Matric Classes will be divided into two groups, Group A-L and Group M- Z
  • The classes will seat the learners 1.5m apart.

 Classes will be significantly smaller than normal.

  • Each student will be given an allocated seating area in each class for safety measures and traceability.
  • All students and teachers hands will be sanitized before entering the class.
  • Masks must be worn at all times.
  • Group A-L will start at 7:30 till 11h00 for periods 1 – 7 and then go home.
  • The classroom will be disinfected before the next group will enter.
  • Group M-Z will start at 11:45 till 15:15
  • The starting time for each group will be rotated weekly.
  • For safety, students can wear civvies on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and their school uniform on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Marais Viljoen is considering weekend classes.


Principal Heystek is extremely positive about the Matric Class of 2020 and that they will be ready for their matric final examination.





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