Health:  How to ref up your metabolism

Health: How to ref up your metabolism

Metabolism is the term that describes the various chemical reactions in your body.  Your metabolism rate refers to the rate – fast or slow – your body burns energy.

This is a 24/7 process of converting the food and nutrients you take in into energy so that your body can function, breath, cell repair, circulating your blood, grow and repair cells and everything else it does to help you survive.

The rate or speed of your metabolism is mostly determined by your genes as well as your age.  But there are some hormonal imbalances that can slow down or fasten your metabolism.

Like Type 1 and 2 diabetes and under or overactive thyroid can cause havoc with your metabolic rate.  Stress, sleep deprivation, restrictive yo-you diets, too much salt, alcohol and dehydration can also have an influence.

So, what can you do to rev up your metabolism:

  • Eat healthy – regular meals, clean eating, fruit, vegetables and lean meats

Healthy Eating

  • If you are not sensitive for caffeine have a cup of caffeinated drinks as it increases your metabolic rate.
  • Have a post work-out meal or snack
    • Nuts
    • Greek yogurt
    • Smoothie with spinach, peanut butter and protein powder
    • Banana and/or apple with nut butter
    • Hummus with crackers
  • Exercise regularly. A program that preferable includes cardio, resistance training and a weekly HIIT (High Intensity Intermittent Training) session.

Work out

  • Drink enough water (8 glasses per day)
  • Sleep More




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