Giraffe Acrobatics Entertains Millions

Giraffe Acrobatics Entertains Millions

Giraffes are built to reach into the high trees and get the juicy leaves and fruits that are out of reach for most other animals.  But sometimes a giraffe finds something delicious on the ground.  Millions of viewers have been laughing at a video of a giraffe eating grass.  The giraffe jumps into a split to get at the grass, and then back up again to chew.

The video was shared by @DannyDutch on Twitter and has already had more than 10-million views.  “I have always wondered how giraffe’s eat grass, but this is majestic!”  Since the video went viral, other social media users posted videos of giraffe’s eating or drinking water, but none has been as funny as this acrobatic giraffe.






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