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GAUTENG: Harder lockdown could be in the cards.

GAUTENG: Harder lockdown could be in the cards.

Gauteng premier David Makhura says that the ‘Covid-19 storm’ has arrived in the province which could necessitate the reintroduction of stricter lockdown rules, according to Business Tech.

Speaking in a media briefing on Thursday (2 July), Makhura said that the province saw an exponential rise in the number of coronavirus cases in June, as well as a significant increase in fatalities.

And, he warned that July will be ‘even more difficult’.

“We don’t want to do something for dramatic purposes without achieving results. But it is quite clear that we are going to have to do something extraordinary given where we are now.

This may mean asking the national command council to introduce some of the restrictions we had in the earlier phases (of the lockdown).”

Makhura said that Gauteng now has the largest number of active cases at more than 3,000 new cases daily. This means that the pandemic is running ‘slightly ahead’ of the projected models.

“We think there may be a case for harder localized lockdown in areas where the infection rate is getting out of hand and people are not observing the measure being put in place.”

Specific issues which are set to be discussed include:

  • The sale of alcohol – including the hours when it may be sold;
  • The return of more school students, with an estimated 1 million expected to return as of 6 July;
  • The reopening of churches and other specific sectors.

Makhura said that consultations on these issue will be held on Saturday, while the final decision will have to be made at the national level by the NCCC.

“A risk-adjusted strategy means that you look at the hotspots and make a case that a different approach may be needed (in these areas).

Given what we are going through now, and the fact that things will get worse in July, we cannot just throw our hands in the air and say that there is nothing that we can do.”


Source: BusinessTech




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