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Farm Attacks – SA’s Food Security at Risk

Farm Attacks – SA’s Food Security at Risk

Farm attacks, invasions and murders have sparked heated debate across the nation.  Cabinet has now concluded that the killings and maiming of farmers and farm workers in the country are a serious threat to the country’s food security.  The fate of South African farmers have been uncertain as many claimed that the government did not acknowledge or act against the attacks.

According to Cabinet, the endless attacks poses a threat to the greater good and health of country.  Government is fast-tracking the implementation of the revised rural safety strategy to enable police to respond appropriately to the security needs of rural communities and support socio-economic development.  “Cabinet fully supports the work of our South African police in arresting those committing heinous crime in our country which includes the killing and maiming of farmers and farmworkers throughout the country,” said Jackson Mthembu, Minister in the Presidency.

“The farming community is an integral part of our economy, and crime on farms poses a threat not only to the personal safety of farmers and farmworkers but also to the country’s food security.” Minister in the Presidency Jackson Mthembu was briefing reporters about the outcome of the Cabinet meeting on Thursday.  Cabinet called on South Africans to assist police in the fight against crime by being part of community police forums, saying people should work together to root out crime in their communities.




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