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Facebook Group is growing with 50,000 members a day

Facebook Group is growing with 50,000 members a day

Shut SA Down was formed on the 20th February 2020 and has grown from zero to over 100, 000 members, and it is not slowing down.

Morne Swart, which formed this group, has only one focus and this is to unify South Africans by making their voices heard.

Swart wants South Africa to know, that “Shut SA Down” is not based on hate but rather productive action.


“This is not a hate group. We have one and only one purpose to bring South Africa to a standstill until we the public are heard. We are tired of the violence, rape and murder in our country. This group will only discuss protest action. And we will protest by shutting SA down. No work, no school, nothing. Our children are more important than a days work. Let’s shut SA down. And if they don’t listen, we will shut South Africa down for two days, and then three days. We are tired South Africa. The time is now.”


In the past couple of weeks South Africans have started important conversations about the state of the nation on various Facebook pages. Some are good, some are bad, but South Africa has a common goal, by making South Africa better.


Here are some other Facebook groups everyone is talking about.



This group is all about YOUR “ POSITIVE” perspective through either the lens of your phone or camera. Negative posts are not tolerated. Let’s show the world what we in SA are surrounded by relating to beauty!!



“This is a group for South Africans from all walks of life who want to contribute to creating a society where everyone is equal and respected. Feel free to discuss anything you like. We are not the thought police. If you are racist, homophobe, misogynist, and believe in holding hands and singing Kumbaya while pretending everything is great, then you should go to the other group. This is an Inclusive group, so post will not require approval.”


Conversations For A Just South Africa

“While we love the idea of positivity is needed for social cohesion, we also acknowledge that some difficult and painful conversations need to happen for meaningful change to occur. This is a collaborative space for social learning to occur. We are unapologetically, Intersectional, antiracist, and egalitarian. All faiths welcome, but we are secular.”


Source: Goodguythings




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