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Exhausted Veteran Nurse Pleads with South Africans

Exhausted Veteran Nurse Pleads with South Africans

A exaused and overworked veteran nurse from Wynberg Hospital in Cape Town, has pleaded with the public to take heed of the COVID-19 regulations. The 55-year old nurse has described the blatant disregard for Covid-19 regulations as heart-wrenching as she works 79 hours on average in a 5-day period to save lives.

She has been working as a nurse for more than 34 years and is currently fighting to educate people on the realities of the disease.  The Wynberg hospital has been overburdened and short-staffed as the second wave has hit the country .

According to the nurse, things took a turn for the worse in recent weeks: “Things just went pear-shaped. We are experiencing a double increase than in the first wave, now it’s even more scarier.”

The medical professional said it was a miracle she’d never contracted the virus after being exposed to it for so long, especially since she has several comorbidities which would considerably worsen her experience of the virus.

“I have comorbidities, I’m asthmatic, I have diabetes and hypertension. I haven’t had COVID for nine months and I trust I will never get COVID.”

“People walk around without wearing masks in groups and for me, that tells me that people just don’t care.”





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