Eskom warns of load shedding at very short notice

Eskom warns of load shedding at very short notice

Eskom urged South Africans to reduce their power use as the electricity system is severely constrained due to the delay in returning units to service and the loss of multiple generation units on Monday.

Any further losses of generation capacity would trigger load shedding at “very short notice”, the utility warned.

Eskom said the power system on Monday afternoon was “very constrained” following various breakdowns over the weekend, as well as delays in returning some generation units to service.

Eskom is working on returning a generation unit each at Matimba, Duvha and Arnot power stations to service before the evening peak on Monday.

Generation units at Arnot, Kendal, Matla and Tutuka power stations have been returned to service, but Eskom said it is still heavily reliant on emergency reserves to meet demand on Monday night. There reserves are currently at “healthy” levels, the utility added.

Some 4 533MW in capacity is out due to on planned maintenance, while another 13 601MW is unavailable due to breakdowns.

“Eskom would again like to remind the public that load shedding is implemented only as a last resort to protect the national grid. We therefore request the public to continue using electricity sparingly to reduce the occurrence of load shedding,” the utility said in a statement.




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