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Eskom:  It could take months to restore power due to illegal connections

Eskom: It could take months to restore power due to illegal connections

Eskom issued a stern warning to Gauteng residents on Tuesday.  This warning was directed to the residents who are illegally connecting to the network.  This warning was saying if power was cut the restoration could take up to three months.

The utility said before a transformer could be fixed or replaced after overloading, it would follow a strict process of electricity audits to avoid a repeat of damage to the equipment and network. The process was expected to be implemented as follows:

  • removing illegal connection;
  • disconnecting bypassed meters;
  • issuing fines for contraventions; and
  • reprogramming the meter key change tokens.

The utility added that non-buying of electricity resulted in revenue losses and increased energy and operational costs.

This process could take months.  This warning was distributed to customers in a newsletter.

“With the increased number of communities across Gauteng bypassing their meters and illegally connecting themselves to the network, there has been a rise in the vandalism of pole-mounted transformers and mini-substations, which lead to network overloading and subsequently fail and explode as their protections have been interfered with,” it said.

Eskom also mentioned that load-shedding will ease but will remain an ‘unwelcome part of life’ in SA

Eskom CEO Andre De Ruyter says the current round of rolling blackouts will ease this week, but the power utility has conceded that load-shedding will …

“Due to the backlog caused by the high equipment failure, resource constraints coupled with community resistance, it may take up to three months to repair and restore supply after the full audit process is completed.  “Eskom remains committed to restoring power supply in affected areas.”

Eskom urged customers to make use of safe, legal electricity to ensure sustainability to the utility.




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