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Eskom doing everything it can to ensure power cuts don’t affect voting on Monday

Eskom doing everything it can to ensure power cuts don’t affect voting on Monday

Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan has reiterated that Eskom was doing everything in its power to ensure that you did not cast your vote potentially by candlelight on 1 November.

During an abrupt media briefing on Wednesday night, the minister and Eskom officials updated the country on the state of the national grid.

Eskom has been battling to keep the lights on, with the country currently on stage 4 power cuts.

For many years, South Africa’s grid has edged closer to collapse as a result of aging infrastructure, mismanagement and corruption.

Just days before the local government election, South Africans are being plunged into darkness, again, raising fears that the electricity crisis could prevent free and fair elections.

Minister Gordhan said that he was confident that measures had been put in place to ensure voting and vote-counting would not be affected by power cuts unless, he said, there was an “unexpected event”.

The minister said that generators and technicians would also be on standby to assist at any voting stations.

“In addition, the IEC informs us that each of these centres has generator capacity in the event that something untoward actually occurs. The scanners that we are used as South African when we go to vote are all pre-charged and have a 12-hour battery life.”

Gordhan has apologised for the uncertainty caused by the power cuts ahead of the elections, saying that there was now a far greater urgency to stabilise the country’s electricity supply.


But many aren’t buying any of the repeated assurances and explanations as to why the power supply remained so fickle.

Mass power outages appear to be getting worse and some said that it was enough to convince them that their votes meant nothing.

“There’s no justice in voting, The leadership doesn’t practice what they preach, so if that is the case then why should we vote?” one citizen asked.

“In Soweto, they’ve closed streets because of this load shedding and, trust me, it is going to affect the ANC,” a woman said.

“It will affect the vote but it is also the individual’s choice. Some, they don’t care whether they sleep in darkness or not,” one man said.




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