Ekurhuleni News: How to Lodge a Claim for Damages

Ekurhuleni News: How to Lodge a Claim for Damages

Residents whose electrical appliances are damaged due to an irregular power supply have a recourse to recover their loss.

This is done through a public liability claim.

Claims can be lodged when a member of the public suffers loss or damages attributable to an act of neglect or omission on the side of Council or any of its employees.

In an event where the damage to an electrical appliance belonging to the customer occurs as a result of the customers fault, the City will not be held liable and as such it will not pay out any claims.

When claiming for damage or loss of an electrical appliance, the following procedure must be followed:

  • Submit a claim in writing to the Risk Management Division – these claim forms are available from all customer care centres;
  • Substantiate the claim (ie grounds on which claim is based) by submitting a detailed affidavit of the events that resulted in the loss or damage;
  • Supply insurance details or an original sworn affidavit that there is no insurance covering this loss or damage;
  • Provide detailed quotations for the repair and/or replacement of the property so that the quantum of the loss can be determined.
  • Once the claim is submitted, the relevant must complete and submit a Risk Management Public Liability Claim form within 24-hours (48 hours over weekend).

The contact details of the City’s energy department claims technician are as follows:

Simphiwe Khumalo on 011 999 6549



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