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EDUCATION: Rotational teaching on the cards for learners.

EDUCATION: Rotational teaching on the cards for learners.

Schools in South Africa will have to adopt new teaching methods to deal with the coming influx of children returning to schools next month, especially where spacing issues limit capacity for social distancing.

Motshekga said that it has been easy to deal with returning students because it has been limited to two grades to date, but she warned that a new cohort would be joining in the coming weeks.

In line with the department’s revised school calendar and return programme, from 6 July, the following grades will return to school:

* Grade 1

* Grade 2

* Grade 3

* Grade 6

* Grade 10

* Grade 11


“In terms of our estimation, we will not be able to find spaces in our schools to apply social distancing. Working with our partners, we’re looking at what alternative measures we can put in place – including rotational teaching,” she said.

This would see some learners come to school in the morning, followed by a cleaning session, and then the next cohort coming for class later.

Motshekga said the department is also looking at other ways to increase schools’ capacity, including talking to National Treasury to find any additional resources.

In terms of the grade 12s, the minister said that the matric papers for the year have already been set, and that the class of 2020 will write their exams later, rather than having fewer exams.

The matrics will now write their exams in November – moved from October. This will be in-line with the revised school calendar.

“Provinces are putting in a number of measures so that learners will complete the curriculum,” Motshekga said.

However, for other grades, some topics are being moved from the 2020 curriculum to the 2021 curriculum so that learners do not miss out on any work. This has already been completed by the provinces, she said.


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