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Diamond rush latest: ‘KwaHlathi stones are quartz crystals not diamonds’

Diamond rush latest: ‘KwaHlathi stones are quartz crystals not diamonds’

KwaZulu-Natal Economic Development MEC Ravi Pillay has confirmed that the stones discovered in KwaHlathi near Ladysmith are not diamonds but quartz instead.

Scores of rural dwellers have descended on Kwahlanati near Ladysmith to ‘mine’ for ‘diamonds’, raising government concerns about health and safety in the area. Several people have posted videos and images on social media of what they believe to be large diamonds that they have found in KwaHlathi.


A team of officials, geoscientists and mining experts from the national Department of Mineral Resources and Energy conducted an inspection of the site on the 15th of June 2021.

“The tests conducted conclusively revealed that the stones discovered in the area are not diamonds as some had hoped. In fact, what has been discovered are quartz.

“The value, if any, of the quartz crystals is yet be established but it must be mentioned that the value of quartz crystals is very low compared to that of diamonds.”

KwaZulu-Natal Economic Development MEC Ravi Pillay

The Council for Geoscience working with various stakeholders will institute a geological mapping programme to further understand any other potential resources that may advance socio-economic development in KwaHlathi.

“Extensive geoscience studies are required in the area, at a regional scale to investigate possibilities of groundwater resources as well as any other lithologies that may be host to other natural resources that may contribute to local development and the economy of the province.”


KwaZulu-Natal Premier, Sihle Zikalala said that they appeal to the people on site to vacate the area as what they are involved in has the potential of spreading COVID19.

“The illegal mining practices also have a negative impact on the environment and land degradation that has been accentuated by the extensive diggings in the area. We reiterate that the mining activity taking place at KwaHlathi is illegal. We urge the community to cooperate with the police and local leadership,” Zikalala said.




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