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Cuban Doctors land in South Africa

Cuban Doctors land in South Africa

Cuban Doctors land in South Africa.

More than 200 Cuban doctors, specialists and healthcare workers landed in Johannesburg on Monday morning.


This is the latest of more than 20 medical teams been sent worldwide to combat the coronavirus pandemic.


The group of 200 doctors will be deployed across the country to assist our healthcare workers.


Cuba has sent 1,200 healthcare workers to vulnerable African and Caribbean nations, but also wealthy European countries such as Italy that has been overwhelmed by the coronavirus in recent months.

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Health Minister Zweli Mkhize told a news briefing earlier this month,” the advantage of Cuba is that they are a community health model, one that we would like to use.”


Since Sunday, 168,643 people were tested for the virus and South Africa has recorded 4,546 cases and 87 deaths.


South Africa donated medical supplies to Cuba to assist in the fight against coronavirus.



Cuba’s ambassador to South Africa, Rodolfo Benitez Verson said in a statement,” These are times of solidarity and cooperation. If we act together, we can halt the spread of coronavirus in a faster and more cost effective manner.”


According to the foreign ministry, Cuba has more than 37,000 healthcare workers in 67 countries worldwide.


US President Donald Trump’s administration has urged nations not to accept Cuba’s medical assistance on charges they exploit their health workers, which Havanna has denied.


The US calls have largely gone unheard as overwhelmed healthcare systems have welcomed the assistance from Cuba.


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