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  • Crime News: Triple Farm Murders in Hartswater.
Crime News: Triple Farm Murders in Hartswater.

Crime News: Triple Farm Murders in Hartswater.

The bodies of all three family members kidnapped from a smallholding in Hartswater in the Northern Cape have been found. Five people have been arrested.

The murdered bodies of an elderly couple have been found by police after the latest farm attack in the Northern Cape, the family has confirmed.

 Police had searched since Sunday for family Danie Brand, 83, his wife Breggie, 73, and their daughter Elzabie, 54, who lived on a smallholding in Hartswater, Northern Cape.

On Tuesday morning, police discovered the body of Elzabie Brand, in a field in the Taung area, north of Hartswater.

In the afternoon, at around 5pm, the family was informed by police they had found the elderly couple too.

“They’ve just found my parents. They’re gone,” a heartbroken son-in-law Wikus Taljaard told News24.

They were about to sit down to Sunday lunch when they were attacked… they always hit you when you are most vulnerable.” Taljaard told News24.

“These are good people, lovely people – they have been doing so much for the community,” Taljaard said.

Recently, however, their miniature Doberman pinscher had been killed, around two weeks ago.

“My Dad said it was a snake – but it’s quite cold for snakes in winter, isn’t it?” speculated Taljaard.

Of the attack itself, he said:

“It was quite strange: nothing was taken, except for the vehicles. And no money has been withdrawn from any of their accounts. So why did they (the attackers) need to take them away?”

Police confirmed the parents’ bodies were found in a veld in Takaneng Village, said spokesperson Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo.

A fifth suspect, aged 36, has also been arrested. This after a 42-year-old woman, and three men, aged between 18 and 20, were arrested earlier on Tuesday.

Mase Manopole, newly-appointed Northern Cape MEC for agriculture, environmental affairs, land reform and rural development, has condemned the attack, saying she was “working closely with various stakeholders, including the police, to put a stop in the killing of farmers.”

In a strongly worded statement, Dianne Kohler Barnard, chairperson of the DA’s rural safety workstream, asks, “Mr President, will you ignore the Brand family farm attack, too?”

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