Crime News: Five suspects arrested for the Brand Family farm murder.

Crime News: Five suspects arrested for the Brand Family farm murder.

Five suspects in the Hartswater farm murder case have appeared in court for the first time since their arrest earlier this week.

The group is accused of abducted three members of the Brand family, before killing them and abandoning the bodies.

Of the group, two suspects were in their teens and the oldest is aged 42.

A female suspect also appeared in the dock on Thursday. They all rejected an offer of bail and were charged with three counts of murder, kidnapping, and robbery each.

These Schedule 6 offences tend to carry some very stiff penalties, the South African reported.

The alleged farm murder ‘gang’ will remain in police custody until 13 August, as one of the accused has confirmed they will be securing the services of a private attorney to fight their case personally.

According to the South African, AfriForum estimates that July has been a particularly bloody month for farm murders. Nine separate deaths have been reported in the past four weeks, and those mounting frustrations have boiled over in the Northern Cape. For those in Hartswater – and beyond – ‘enough is enough’






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