CRIME NEWS: Five arrested for hosting a party in Joburg

CRIME NEWS: Five arrested for hosting a party in Joburg

According to IOL, Joburg metro police have arrested five people who were hosting a party and drinking in public in Malvern on Tuesday night.

Senior Superintendent Wayne Minaar, a spokesperson for the Joburg Metro Police Department (JMPD), said the group had been singing, dancing and braaing along the road when police received a complaint at about 7pm.

He said some managed to escape, but the police arrested five people and have charged them with contravening the National Disaster Management Act.

Under current lockdown regulations, members of the public are allowed to purchase and transport alcohol, but are only allowed to consume it at home.

Gatherings in groups are also prohibited.

“Officers managed to arrest only five men for having a party in the road at 27 Street and Hospital Road, Malvern. Officers received the complaint of a party on the road at approximately 7.15pm.

“There were a lot more who were singing and braaing in the road, but the others managed to escape when officers arrived,” said Minnaar.

The suspects were detained at the Cleveland Police Station.

The Joburg region has the highest prevalence of active Covid-19 cases in the country, with over 8 000 people currently living with the virus.

Malvern, which is in Region F of the city’s sub-districts, has about 1995 active cases, the most of any sub-region in the Gauteng province.

Source: IOL




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