Covid-19: New data shows death by age

Covid-19: New data shows death by age

The Gauteng provincial government has published the latest data on the spread of the Covid-19 cronavirus in the province, detailing which ages are most at risk, Business Tech reported.

Affected ages

 Of the 853 deaths recorded in the province, 66% have been people between the age of 59 and 79 – the majority of which are male.

The next age group most affected are 40 to 49 (10.9% of all deaths), and the 80 to 89 group (9.8%) of all deaths.


According to the provincial data, diabetes and hypertension are still the most prevalent comorbidities in deaths, with hypertension showing up in 23% of cases, diabetes in 14%, and a combination of both in 18%.

Other comorbidities of note include Renovascular disease (5%) and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (5%). One quarter of deaths in province showed no comorbidities.

Alarmingly, 27% of deaths happen within a day of being diagnosed or admitted to hospital, showing how quickly the coronavirus can attack. 69% of all deaths in province happen within a week of diagnosis/admission.

A quarter (24%) of deaths happen after a week, the data showed.





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