Couple dies after drinking homemade beer

Couple dies after drinking homemade beer

Couple dies after drinking homemade beer


Couple in Port Nolloth, Northern Cape, dies after drinking home-made beer.

It is believed that Estate Agent Tony Hilliar and Alida Fouche’s deaths were caused by drinking home-made beer.

Police spokesperson Brig Mohale Ramatseba said that Alida Fouche was found deceased in their flat in Port Nolloth,  and Tony Hilliar who was found seriously ill,

died in ICU in a local hospital several days later.


Police said it was suspected that Hilliar and his fiancé died after consuming home-made beer. Two empty bottles of the home-made brew

have been sent for forensic testing. The rest of the batch, which had not been consumed, was also seized and taken away for laboratory testing.


Close friend, Tommy Cockcroft told sapeople, “They both liked a drink at the end of each day which is typically South African, but thanks to this

poorly thought out government ban, there is no alcohol.


Everyone is making their own beer so Tony did as well but it seems something went terribly wrong with the brew and that they both collapsed and died very senseless deaths.


This alcohol ban is just beyond total belief and there is no sense whatsoever in it and the sooner people are treated like grown-ups the better.” He said.


The government has explained that the ban on alcohol has freed up beds in hospitals which would usually be used by victims of alcohol abuse.


Apiwe Nxusani-Mawela, founder of Brewmasters Craft told TimesLive, that contamination can happen when people “don’t properly clean and sterilise

the utensils they are using, which could lead to contamination by bacteria.


Tony Hilliar and Alida Fouchè ( photo credit timeslive)

Tony Hilliar and Alida Fouchè ( photo credit timeslive)


Even though the bacteria might not kill you, they can spoil the product or make it unfit for human consumption. If you look at our African cultures,

there are people who have been making home brews for years. Things are out of control during the lockdown.


There are now many people wanting to produce their own homemade beverages.”  Nxusani-Mawela added that many people did not know the correct way.


South Africa, Panama and Sri Lanka were the only three countries in the world where all forms of alcohol sales are strictly prohibited by law.


Sources: sapeople, timeslive




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