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Doggies Palace being treated unfairly by Police

Doggies Palace being treated unfairly by Police

Even with the correct documentation, Doggies Palace, a grooming parlour in Mulbarton, could face closure


Natalie Mills, one of the owners of Doggies Palace wrote the following,

“On Friday 1 May 2020 a staff member called us from our Mulbarton shop informing us that the police are at the shop and said

we need to close our doors. We rushed to the shop to meet with the police Constable Mofokeng to understand their explanation as to why.

They told us our documentation was fraudulent and we have to contact the Colonel (this name was not left with us). We had all our legal

documents in place and followed all the correct channels.

We needed to understand their explanation as to why we could not operate. We had staff isolated with us the entire time during lockdown.

We followed all the correct channels and ensured we did everything legally.

We were told on Friday night at around 20:00 that we are not to open and we continued to keep our doors closed as we were told.

We met with Captain Maradaray on Monday 4 May 2020 who told us the same thing and that we will be arrested if we open.

We need someone to understand the importance of regular animal grooming and the health impact it has on all our babies.

We have been left heartbroken and in tears as clients are begging us to assist them.

We are trying to abide by the law, but we were told if we open, we will be fined,  arrested and all our equipment will be confiscated.

We were told if any other parlour is open the same will apply to them.

We all have our own clients with different needs.

The importance of grooming is far greater than just having a pretty fur baby and this is why:

  1. With rain, ticks and fleas not only affects the animals but humans as well.
  2. No grooming can cause matted hair which holds bacteria and parasites which irritates the skin and can result in cysts.
  3. Nail complications can cause infection.
  4. Prevention of ear infection and mites in ears.
  5. Early detection of serious conditions or abnormalities can avoid life threatening complications.


We have clients calling us on a daily basis begging us to please help them and we are trying our absolute best.

We have babies with chronic skin and other conditions who need their regular grooming where the clients are either elderly

or cannot afford veterinary costs. I would like to warn all other grooming parlours that this could happen to you. “




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