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Bus Hijacking brings Tshwane to a halt

Bus Hijacking brings Tshwane to a halt

A bus has been hijacked in Orchards, north of Pretoria, reportedly by striking taxi drivers.  The City of Tshwane said that officials were not sure if the woman driver made it out of the bus before it was stolen and that her colleagues were still trying to reach her.

Police have been notified.  The city has confirmed that passangers were forced out of the bus while en route to work this morning.  For now, the metro has recalled all its bus services due to security reasons.

Meanwhile, the National Taxi Alliance (NTA) is insisting that its members are staging a peaceful strike in the capital.  The alliance is expecting hundreds of its members to gather in Marabastad in Pretoria from 7am.

They’ll march to the Transport Department and then to the Union Buildings to hand over a list of grievances.  Taxi operators want government to explain why the COVID-19 relief fund promised to the industry had not yet materialised.

The NTA’s spokesperson Theo Malele said that although everyone had been urged to take part in today’s march, non-striking workers would not be intimidated.


The National Taxi Alliance has urged police to step in and deal with any striking member disobeying the law.

The NTA’s Malele said that violence was not acceptable.

“We do not condone that, this is not what we agreed on. We agreed that we will lead the roads to Pretoria, where we will present our grievances and this we will do peacefully. This is not in our nature.”

Meanwhile, taxis are also causing some major traffic jams in Johannesburg.

Joburg Metro Police’s Wayne Minnaar: “Traffic is very heavy on the N1 north at 14th Avenue. This is due to the taxi operators, who have blocked the N1. Traffic is moving very slowly towards Beyers Naude, so more officers have been sent to that location to assist with traffic.”




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