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Brendin Horner – Bail Denied and Bail Granted

Brendin Horner – Bail Denied and Bail Granted

Sekola Matlaletsa and Sekwetja Mahlamba were charged with the murder of 21-year-old Brendin Horner.  Today, the Senekal Magistrates Court as denied the bail application of Sekwetja Mahlamba while granting bail to Sekola Matlaletsa.  The court did not find enough evidence linking Matlaletsa to the murder and set bail at R5,000.  The case was then postponed to the 1st of  December 2020.

The State cited, among others, the men’s previous brushes with the law as well as their close proximity to the Lesotho border as reasons to deny them bail.  The DNA found in Horner’s car however did not match that of one of the accused and bail was granted.  The State however believes it still has a strong case going forward.

Other evidence in consideration will be the bloody pair of jeans found at the home of Mahlamba, which he claims is from slaughtering a sheep.   Both the accused were allegedly seen walking away from the area of the crime scene the morning after Horner was killed in wet clothes stained with blood.  Both men had alibis in the form of their family members who confirmed they were home at the time of Horner’s death.




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