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Brackenfell High School Parents and EFF throwing punches

Brackenfell High School Parents and EFF throwing punches

Following allegations of a racist whites only school function tensions have been building up between EFF protesters and Brackenfell High School Parents. The EFF protested outside the school for the second time on Monday, following news reports and allegations on social media that the event was only attended by white matriculants. Angry community members and parents of students at the school however vehemently denied racism at the school. Video footage from earlier on Monday shows the EFF facing of with Brackenfell community members. The already tense atmosphere exploded when fists started flying. Public order police were called in to calm protesters and community members. In another video from TeamNews24 the Public order police can be seen separating the community members from the EFF protesters. Meanwhile the Western Cape Department of Education said that the event was not a school or department-sponsored event, but that it was a private event. According to Kerry Mauchline, spokesperson for Western Cape MEC Debbie Schäfer, the event was held at a private venue. The protests erupted after one parent tweeted that not all pupils were invited to attend. Claims were made that only white people and two teachers was in attendance. But school parents insisted that there was no racism at the school and that pupils did not attend for many reasons, including fears around Covid-19 infections.




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