Bedfordview News: Urban farming initiative will be in full swing in the coming weeks.

Bedfordview News: Urban farming initiative will be in full swing in the coming weeks.

Bedfordview’s urban farming initiative at the Italian Club is gaining momentum.

With the help of community volunteers the project will be in full swing in the coming weeks.

“We have many Bedfordview families growing ready-to-plant seedlings at their homes,” Ward 20 councillor Jill Humphreys told BedfordviewEdenvale News.

When ready, the plants will be transported to and replanted at the prepared garden beds at the club.

“We are using the old bowling greens which the club has kindly donated for the project,” Humphreys said.

The gardens received an additional natural boost when recently Humphreys organised for all the old leaves from the trees along Van Buuren Road to be delivered to the greens to be worked through as compost.

“Every year the leaves just get taken to the dump and it breaks my heart,” she said.

Half of the leaves picked up were delivered around two weeks ago and equated to over 100 bags full.

The compost created from the leaves will serve as much-needed nutrients for the soil.

Looking forward, those heading up the project will begin to sell off land lots of the project.

“Families can pay a monthly fee for their own land lot and in return receive vegetables grown on their land,” Humphreys said.

The money raised will go towards feeding those in need as well as the care of the farming lots.

Adding to this, the urban farming project will supply a range of fresh vegetables to Settebello restaurant at the club.

“The project is something that can be rolled out throughout the metro and will be a sustainable way to feed communities,” said Humphreys.


Source: BedfordviewEdenvaleNews / Charmaine Slater




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